It’s All About The Truffles…

Angel Kissed Candy was founded by myself, Rachelle Austin, on a few simple ideas: taste, love, chocolate (of course!), and purity.  You may think these descriptors might be a bit odd so let me explain…

Taste is practically a no-brainer.  Who wants to eat something that doesn’t intoxicate their taste buds?  After all, eating is one of life’s great joys!  So when it comes to these delicate, chocolate jewels, taste is my number one priority.

I have always LOVED to bake (not cook–I do that because I have too…).  One thing that I really enjoy is making candy–of all sorts!  Because each truffle is handcrafted individually, “love” is definitely a main ingredient.

Some folks pine for a good wine, aged cheese, or even prime rib.  However,  chocolate is at the top of my “must-have” list.  Each truffle is loaded with smooth, rich semi-sweet, dark, or white chocolate.

Everything that’s infused into the chocolate to make the creamy ganache center of each truffle is made with pure, genuine ingredients–cream, butter, hand-roasted nuts, fruit pulp, juice and/or grated rind, and extracts.

So enjoy a truffle (or two or three) and be happy!

With love and chocolate,



2 thoughts on “It’s All About The Truffles…”

  1. Connie Page said:

    Hi Rachelle, is it too late to order candy for father’s day. If not I would like a dozen truffles. 6 in each box.
    Thanks Connie
    Eagar p.o.

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